Emergency Kit: What You Truly Need For An Impending Natural Disaster


Natural calamities are truly a force to be reckoned with. Even with advanced disaster forecast provided by news and relevant government agencies, nature remains unpredictable, which we truly can never tell when. This begs the question, “how prepared are we when faced with calamity?.”

As the cliche goes, better safe than sorry. This statement is as apt as it could get when it comes to emergency preparedness. Most often than not, natural disasters are a matter of life and death. Better to be equipped now with the necessary emergency kits, than panic later when all is too late. Owning such kits will give you a head start at survival.


What to do before the disaster strikes?

There is no such thing as being overly prepared for calamity. Preparations are imperative for surviving. Storms, floods, and earthquakes come unannounced and it is easier and safer for you and your family to at least have the basic needs for survival. Here are some things that you can do to be prepared in case of an emergency:

Make Initial Plans

It is advisable that you should know where to go and what to do during natural calamities. You could prepare a map of your hometown and plot the safest route to go to when a disaster happens.

Brief Your Plans with Families and Peers

It is significant for the safety of everyone that you brief them about how your plan works. Discuss with your family the location of your survival home kits, the emergency exits and you could even try to suggest a drill in the workplace. It is equally needed that the people around you know how the plan works for it to run smoothly.

Store Necessities

Aside from stacking up water, canned goods, batteries, flashlights, and radio, having emergency preparedness kits is a great way to prepare yourself for calamities. Such kits are a must because your life will depend on it. To be safe, prepare supplies good for 72 hours.

In Canada in particular, there are a lot of emergency survival kits that you can purchase either online or through a reputable supplier. One trustworthy site that you can check out is 72 hours.

Their Deluxe and Essential 72 Hour Emergency Survival Kit in Canada provides all the necessary items one could ever need during an emergency. It stands out from other survival kit manufacturers because it provides the perfect combination of quality, completeness, and convenience. If you haven’t got one yourself, make sure to check out this emergency kit in Vancouver.

What to do when a disaster arrives?

Keep Calm and Face it Head-On

When disaster strikes, the first thing that must be made is to make yourself and your family calm. Nothing good comes out of panicking and making impulsive decisions. By this time you’ve already made an extensive preparation. So, trust your plan and take a deep breath. Make sure to follow every step carefully and occasionally do a headcount to keep tabs on everyone.

Secure the Necessary Equipment

Your emergency kits are very important. Be sure to always bring it with you and set up communication equipment such as your radio immediately. Your radio is a very important tool because it gives you updates on the scene outside your safe zone. It helps you keep tabs on the changes regarding the disaster. It also helps you have information on the actions of the local government and the aids they are providing.

Make sure your flashlights are filled-up with batteries and carefully make your way to a safe area according to the map that you have prepared. Always stay in a safe area until the local government declares it’s already good to return home.

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